Our Story

Hey! Thanks for stopping to check out our blog and learn about our story.  You might look at our Flicker and Glow site and wonder what would possess someone to build something so clearly focused on unnecessary objects.  Especially in the time of Coronavirus and so much uncertainty.  There’s a long and short answer to that question.  The short answer is that everyone loves attractive, useful things.  The long answer, well, that’s a little more involved.

It starts with a group of people working in the LED Lighting industry.  We were looking for customers who sold products like the ones we were making.  And honestly, we couldn’t find a single website dedicated to just LED Candles.  We knew there were tons of brands out there that make amazing, and sometimes unusual products like ours.  Heck, we were competing against them regularly.  But, we couldn’t find a single place that was dedicated to just these types of cool gadgets.  And then we decided that we didn’t want to sell your average single LED, funky colored, cheap candle.  We wanted to bring people the best of the best.  The things we were seeing at trade shows around the world.  Moving Flame.  Realistic flicker patterns.  Kelvin ratings and colors that matched real flames as closely as humanly possible.  Yes, we are geeks about this stuff.  Because once you begin to learn about realistic LED candles, you realize how superior they are to an actual, real candle.  We could go on and on about this stuff. 

And..... that’s when we realized our geeky passion for these candles isn’t going to be for everyone. And the way to help the average person would be to show them how to use these tech wonders in their own home.  We can teach you how to safely bring the hygge of candlelight into your spaces so realistically that you fool people until they touch the false wick of a “Moving Flame” Luminara candle.  Or until they look directly at the inside of the Matchless Push Button pillar which mimics the color of a real flame so closely, you won’t know the difference. 

We are also planning to bring you a ton of new tech.  Like the Lightli Wick to Flame models you’ll see on our site.  These look incredible on and off.  The flame rises out of the pillar with the touch of your finger – or the push of a button on their “Apple-esque” remote control.  Stuff you’d never think of or know you’d need – until we hunt it down and bring it to our site.

Keep checking our Accessories section.  We are scouring the world for unique items to house and display your LED treasures.  Lanterns made of rattan for your boho bedroom. Midcentury metal tealight holders for your modern living room.  Farmhouse treasures made of wood to hold our tapers for a candlelight dinner.  We are going to bring you some fabulous finds – and then we plan to show you how to use them all over your homes by creating content in video and photo formats on our social sites. 

Finally, we want you to show us how you are using these items.  We want to watch you discover the wonder of LED candles by engaging with us and tagging us with #FlickerandGlow when you do.  We will feature our customers using our products on our sites and pages. And we want you to know how much your images and content inspire us.  It ignites our creativity and drive to go out and find you more of these products we love so much.  We might be the experts, but you will become our creative, driving force behind the new items we source and find.  You are The Spark that lights our creative fire.

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